Black Tie Affair

Rick and Charlotte McPherson owned a twin of this Tuxedo Black '65 Corvette in the early '70s, and always regretted selling it. When they found this one in Beaumont, Texas, they had a complete frame-off restoration done by Mike Flash's Corvette Specialists. It has a 327ci engine and a four-speed trans, a teak wheel, and air conditioning.

Corvette 101

Robert Murphy's white '62 was produced early in the model year, the 101st Corvette to roll off the line in August 1961. Hugging the National Corvette Restorers Society judging manual, Robert completed the full restoration in 1998.

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Big Wheel Keep On Turnin'

This '90 convertible was black with a white top and light gray interior when Phil and Ilene Hubinger bought it in 1999. "We won a few trophies and had a lot of fun," Phil says. "But when you see 300 or 400 Corvettes together, they all start to look alike. The wheels started to turn, and this is what I came up with. I haven't done much with the engine, but the wheels are turning again."


Ron and Terri Brinton of Cary, North Carolina, took their Torch Red C5 to the North Carolina Zoological Park and turned a few heads. Ron uses the car as a daily driver. It is the Brintons' first Corvette, but Ron says Terri has her eyes on a shark.

A Grand Idea

Bill Mehrkens, of Rockville Centre, New York, started with an '02 Electron Blue coupe, then did a Grand Sport conversion. He changed the interior from black to red, added Grand Sport badging, and had Corvette Repair in Valley Stream, New York, apply the Arctic White paint and red stripes. Bill detailed the engine compartment and added a Borla Stinger exhaust, a VaraRam, and a Jet chip.


William House's friend, Mike Hayden, owned this '67 Corvette while in the Air Force. It was stolen in 1970, but while Mike was in Vietnam, the body and most of the interior was recovered (the door panels still have police markings on them). While waiting for Mike to return, the car sat in Joe Cruces' custom shop in Vacaville, California. Joe molded a '66 Buick Riviera grille into the front to give it a Mako Shark look. He also added '67 Mustang taillights and a 350ci engine to replace the original 427, which was never recovered. William bought the car from Mike in 1988 and replaced the small-block with an LS6 crate engine.

Strangers In The Night

Nick Kush always figured his dream of owning a Corvette would remainjust that until he spotted this dark green metallic '75 with a "ForSale" sign while cruising through his hometown. It is custom with a350ci engine and four-speed transmission, a single-plane high-riseintake, a small aftermarket camshaft, headers, and a Holley 750-cfmcarburetor.