Chevrolet understands that the prospective Corvette buyer will be considering the purchase at least partly due to the Corvette’s performance. While that may be a consideration, many people lured in by power and speed will also savor the fact that the Corvette can be driven every day with comfort levels that equal luxo-sedans built in any country. GM must use the same mass-produced car to appeal to the power-thirsty and the creature-comforts crowds. Their goal is to create a car that will retain a behavior both groups will consider enjoyable yet exhilarating.

Tuners do not have the same restraints. They can tailor a Corvette to the tastes of their clientele, whether for power, style, or both. Some of what follows are the most extreme examples of what these tuners can do, but they can also tailor their packages to suit your heart’s desire. We’ve included the big names as well as some you may not have known about, and there are even more out there than we could capture in one article. One of them probably has a package that fits your driving style.

Check out the sidebars below for a brief review of each.

Breathless Performance
2024-B Tigertail Blvd.
FL  33004-2107
Mallett Cars
OH  44017
Caravaggio Corvettes
Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 6B3
Specter Werkes/Sports Inc.
Ml  48083
Doug Rippie Motorsports
MN  55313
1031 S. Melrose St.
Dept. VM
CA  92870
Lingenfelter Performance
IN  46733
X-treme Motorsports
TX  75214