A Burning DesireI went to work just like any other day on September 11, 2001; that was the day I thought Washington, D.C. was having an earthquake. I worked in the newly renovated section of the Pentagon on the second floor. I truly praise God for my two guardian angels: Mr. Gary Jackson, for coming back in the burning, smoked-filled section searching for individuals, and finding and saving me; and LTC Philip Beaver, who assisted in getting me out of the building.

There were so many people that touched my life that day, and I wish I could thank them all. When the airplane hit the Pentagon, there was a great loss-so many friends, church members, and coworkers. There were quite a few injured, including me. I truly miss the coworkers and friends that were close to me. I miss me, too. I have new challenges that come each and every day, and I no longer take anything for granted. I never realized how much you miss your independence until it is taken away. At present I am undergoing visual rehabilitation and vestibular physical therapy on a weekly basis, relearning to do what used to come naturally.

My plan was to be a Corvette owner on my 50th birthday, which was October 20, 2002. On September 11, I had a little over a year to go. But God has blessed me: On June 29, 2002, I became the proud owner of a six-speed, '02 Electron Blue Metallic coupe. I am in the slow lane, but that's OK-I get to drive! I did take it one step further; I got special vanity tags that say "BA B ME," and that's what I am doing. Taking care of her is fun. I have to say that having it, America's number-one sports car, is one of the best therapies I could have, even if I have to sit down at times to clean her. I do plan on personalizing her, so I have been looking through all of the catalogs. I became a member of G-Burg Corvette Club of Gaithersburg, Maryland, in November 2002. God willing, I plan to participate in several of the events.

I believe that you should give life your best, for you will never regret it. I am alive today and only God knows what is destined for me. I want to thank you for all your prayers that you sent this way, not knowing who the recipients were. God, please bless America!