For Walter Kompass, the idea of owning a mid-year Corvette was not a passing fancy. "It is my dream come true," he tells us. "I waited over 30 years, and until my four sons were out of school, to purchase a mid-year. I've owned the coupe for [a few] years now, and still get a rush when I open the garage door. I'm thinking that will never change."

This Corvette is a '65 Nassau Blue coupe with blue and white interior. It has been restored with the original powertrain 327/350 (L79), M20 four-speed, 3.55 Posi rear, factory A/C, side exhaust, repro gold-wall tires, AM/FM radio, and the Comfort and Convenience Group package.

Walter says he is the seventh owner of the car, and he has the names and addresses of all the previous owners. He adds the coupe started out in Long Beach, California, made two stops in Pennsylvania, then traveled to Scotia, New York; Bohemia, Long Island; and Hampton, New Jersey, before landing in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, where Walter lives. Many people have dreamed of taking their Corvettes cross-country. But this mid-year made its way from coast to coast slowly, passed along like a relay baton, until it reached the hands of the man who was waiting for it.