Data File '66 String Ray Convertible
Owned by Bob Salerno, Ridgewood, New Jersey
Restored, NCRS Top Flight certified; One of 27,270 '66 Corvette Sting Rays; One of 17,762 '66 CorvetteSting Ray Convertibles; One of 5,116 L36-powered '66 Corvette Sting Rays (all body styles)
Original Assembly Point:
Chevrolet's St. Louis (Missouri) assembly plant
Date Of Final Assembly: November 24, 1965
Date Of Delivery To Original Owner: December 10, 1965
Original Selling Dealer: Ed Black's Chevrolet Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Odometer Reading (At Time Of Photo Shoot): 47,684 miles
Ownership History: Original, Harold Neilson (December 1965-March 1967) Second, Herman Priddy (March, 1967-June, 1989); Third, Dick Simonetti (June, 1989-May, 2002);Current, Bob Salerno (May, 2002-present)

Original fiberglass '66 Corvette Sting Ray convertible body
Repainted in original color (code No. 976-Nassau Blue) in 1994 during restoration by previous owner Dick Simonetti. No replacement parts/modifications and was not repainted prior to 1994.

FRAME Original '66 Corvette Sting Ray frame
WHEELBASE 98 inches
BRAKES Standard four-wheel disc brakes, no power assist
FRONT SUSPENSION RPO F41 Special Suspension Équipment coil springs
REAR SUSPENSION RPO F41 Special Suspension Equipment transverse leaf/independent rear
SHOCKS Delco RPO F41 Special Suspension Equipment shock absorbers, front and
STEERING Original GM Saginaw Gear "Armstrong" steering
DIFFERENTIAL Original (RPO G81) Posi-traction, 3.36:1 gears
AXLES Original GM axle shafts
WHEELS Stock, stamped-steel, 15x6 inches, with OEM chrome wheel covers
TIRES 7.75x15 four-ply, bias-belted, white sidewall (replaced OEM two-plys)
CAR WEIGHT 3,160 pounds (per factory)