Original matching-numbers engine; Internal engine components manufactured by Chevrolet Division, General Motors Corporation
TYPE Overhead-valve V-8, Chevrolet Mark IV series, RPO L36
BORE/STROKE 4.25/3.76 (inches)
DISPLACEMENT 427ci (6.99 liters)
HORSEPOWER 390 (advertised)
BLOCK Original cast-iron, No. 3858174
CYLINDER HEADS Original cast-iron, No. 3872702
INTAKE MANIFOLD Original cast-iron
CARBURETOR Holley No. R3370A four-barrel
ORIGINAL ENGINE ASSEMBLY SITE: Chevrolet's Flint, Michigan, engine plant
DISTRIBUTOR Delco No. 1111141
ALTERNATOR Delco No. 1100693
EXHAUSTS Original factory option (RPO N14) side exhausts, one of 2,823 '66 Sting with them (and one of an estimated 30,000 left!)
Original transmission; Manufactured by GM's Muncie Gear Division, Muncie, Indiana
TYPE Four-speed manual, Muncie M-21 (RPO M21)
SHIFTER Stock, console-mounted shifter with reverse lockout
Original '66 Corvette Sting Ray interior with partial restoration by previous owner Dick Simonetti, Rochester, New York
COLOR/UPHOLSTERY Bright Blue vinyl (code No. 414)
CARPET Nylon loop-pile
STEERING WHEEL Optional (RPO N32) teakwood steering wheel
SOUND SYSTEM Interior - Optional (RPO U69) Delco AM-FM radio with single speaker
  Exterior - See RPO N14.
WINDOWS A02 tinted windshield

Factory options that this car was NOT built with and were not added on during restoration, include: C07 auxiliary hardtop;P48 cast-aluminum knock-off wheels; L72 450 HP 427 (very early production); L72 425 HP 427 (after air cleanersticker change early in model run); M22 close-ratio, heavy-duty, four-speed manual transmission; C48 heater/defrosterdelete; C60 air conditioning; K66 transistorized ignition