Other than the previously mentioned chassis brace, the cabin of Larry's '94 was left pretty much as-is. a good thing because it contained beige leather seats, an optional Delco/Bose AM/FM/CD player (which was repaired), and all the other convenience features that came with the '94 Corvette. As a result of all the upgrades and modifications, this one runs and handles like few other '94 Corvettes. Especially no others that look factory original on the outside, save for a set of halogen headlights in front and LED taillights in back.

But does it handle or perform any better than a production '94 Corvette? Absolutely. What's it like to drive? As Trey puts it, "It's a blast!" He notes that once it was done, Larry got some serious track time with it. "He actually took it to Road Atlanta a number of times. He went through a number of the [driver school] classes, then he got out on the Road Atlanta track and absolutely had a ball with the car," says Trey, who adds that they'd see Larry's car regularly after its on-track sessions. "He'd constantly bring it back to us, and a full fluid change would occur. It had maybe gone a couple of hundred or a thousand miles, but we'd change every fluid on the car, and it would go right back to Road Atlanta again. We would flush the brake system, replace the gear fluid in the back, drain the transmission fluid and replace it, and the (engine) oil would get replaced every time."

Nowadays, the meticulously maintained green '94 is owned by Speed Hound, serving as a rolling showcase for the high-performance parts and services they offer to Vette lovers.

And it can still tame the twisting turns of Road Atlanta-and all the roads leading to it.

Modified by Speed Hound Performance, Social Circle, Georgia, for Larry Strunk
Currently owned by Speed Hound Performance
Total Corvette production, 1994 23,330 (17, 984 coupes and 5,346 convertibles)
Total Corvette production, 1994, in Polo Green Metallic (both body styles): 3,534
Base (MSRP) price of production ’94 Corvette $36,185 (coupe); $42,960 (convertible)
Modified production ’94 Corvette
Modifications 100w H4 export headlights and LED taillights
Paint OEM ’94 Corvette Polo Green Metallic, applied at GM’s Bowling Green (Ken
tucky) Assembly Plant