The updates and upgrades all added up to one distinctive C1, which saw its license plate change from Ohio to Indiana when John bought it from Bob. that meeting at Mid America Motorworks' Corvette Funfest resulted in more than a Corvette changing hands. John says, "When we bought this car, we became good friends with Bob. It turns out that they're our best friends now. It's really fun going to these shows."

What's it like to drive? "With all the upgrades on it, it rides as good as the C5s," John says. That's especially true after John did one modification that Bob had looked into, but hadn't done: a Heidt's front suspension. "When I first got the car, I redid the whole front end, and that made the ride completely different. Bob said that was the only other thing that he would've done to it. So I went ahead and got it done, and it changed the ride completely," John says.The new front end makes for a lot smoother ride, especially on the roads of the Midwest. "You can hit a chuckhole with that thing now, and you'll hardly feel it. In the older '62s, you'd feel all those in the road."

John's advice isn't just for folks looking to go the Vette-Rod route. "You might die tomorrow. Live today, and if you can afford it, enjoy it. That's what my wife and I are doing. I'm in my early '60s. I've had a heart attack, and I just live for those car shows. "

Data File '62 Corvette Convertible
Owned by John and Chris Irvin, Crawfordsville, IndianaOne of 14,531 Corvettes built in the last year of C1 production

Modified production '62 Corvette body
MODIFICATIONS Hoodscoop, one-off backup lights, rocker panels shaved 2 inches for side-pipe clearance, C3-style ducktail on rear body, rear fender flares
BODYWORK by Bob Shetler (previous owner), including collision repair
PAINT DuPont black basecoat/clearcoat, applied by Mike Burger, Bucyrus, Ohio
Modified production C1 Corvette
SUSPENSION (Front) Heidt's, with coilover shocks; (Rear) stock C1 Corvette leaf springs
STEERING Mustang II rack-and-pinion
BRAKES (Front) 13-inch rotor with 6-piston caliper; (Rear) 13-inch rotor with 4-piston caliper
WHEELS Billet Specialties Legacy, 17x8-inches, all around
TIRES BFGoodrich Radial T/A, P255/50ZR17, all around