Thanks to regular maintenance, Bob's C2 has stayed the same all these years. "I change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles," he says. "It's amazing how that little bit of maintenance maintained the engine quite well." Especially an engine that was as well-engineered in the first place as the legendary Chevy small-block V-8, in a car as well-engineered as the Corvette. "It's been quite a reliable car," Bob says. "Of course, keep in mind that Chevrolet had those engine blocks down pretty well. Basically, it's been a problem-free car."

Now, at age 68, Bob is still working-for Raytheon in El Segundo, California-and still drives his '65 Sting Ray coupe every day to work from his Culver City home. That's his plan, and he's staying with it. "It gets a little more difficult each year to get out of it, but so far I'm getting out of it OK."

Along with regular maintenance, what else does Bob recommend to anyone who's looking at getting or using a Corvette for a long-term daily driver? "Don't park in parking lots by other cars, and be careful wherever you park it." He adds that his parking advice isn't just about protecting paint. "There've been several attempts to steal it, but-for whatever reason that I've never figured out-they've never been able to pull it off."

Owned by Bob McInturff, Culver City, California
MILEAGE 407,138 (at time of shoot)
TOTALS Total ’65 Sting Ray production (All models): 23,564
Total ’65 Sting Ray coupe production: 8,186
Production ’65 Sting Ray coupe
UPDATES Smoothed-out hood without ’63-’64 indentations, new grille with horizontal black bars and chrome outer trim, three functional fender louvers aft of front wheels
REPAIRS/RESTORATION WORK Front body (forward of A-pillars) replaced the cracked original; refinished in original color. (Restoration shop/technician unknown to owner)
PAINT Silver Pearl Metallic acrylic lacquer (original color)
Production ’65 Sting Ray
SUSPENSION Front: Independent with coil springs, hydraulic shock absorbers and antiroll bar Rear: Independent with transverse leaf spring bundle, hydraulic shock absorbers
BRAKES Disc brakes with four-piston calipers at each corner (new for 1965)
WHEELS Factory stamped steel, 15x6 inches, with original chrome-plated full wheel cover
TIRES P215/70R15 all around (replaced OEM 7.75X15)