Data File: '03 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Hardtop
Owned by: Sam Wilensky, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Purchased new in August 2002, used as a daily driver and show car until 2007, show-only since then. Other Corvettes and cars of interest currently owned include '06 Corvette Convertible (Daytona Sunset Orange) and '00 Camaro SS
Production: Total '03 Corvettes: 35,469; Total '03 Z06 hardtop production: 8,635
Price: Base: '03 Z06 hardtop: $51,155; Price of car in as-photographed configuration: Considerably more; Price of car in current configuration: (You're not planning your own, are you?)

Custom paint applied 2007. (Car is now black over Millennium Yellow over black)
Model: Corvette Z06 Coupe
Original Color: Millennium Yellow--1 of 1,708 '03 Z06s painted that optional ($750 MSRP) color
Components: (Special/Non-Stock Body) Supercharger hood by Lingenfelter

Frame: Original C5 Corvette frame with hydroformed side rails
Brakes: Upgraded to Brembo rotors (13-inch diameter) all around
Wheels: HRE 18x9.5-inch front/19x12-inch rear
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport, 255/40R18 (front)/ 345/30R19 (rear)
Suspension: Original Corvette Z06 suspension, upgraded with 2004 Z06 shocks

Original Engine: LS6 pushrod/overhead-valve V8, manufactured by GM Powertrain
Displacement: 350 ci (5.7 L)
Horsepower: 405 (Advertised)
Torque: 400 lb-ft (Advertised)
Upgrades: Lingenfelter-installed, polished Magnuson intercooled supercharger
Max Horsepower: 595 (after supercharger install)
Max Torque: 505 lb-ft (after supercharger install)
Exhaust System: Corsa "Pace Car Edition" after-cat system with chrome tips (replaced OEM exhaust system aft of catalytic converters)

Stock Corvette Z06 six-speed manual transaxle

Interior Color: Black (original)
Upgrades: The following items were replaced and/or upgraded with items from Corvette Essentials, which match original exterior color, or have Millennium Yellow accents: seats, shifter handle and boot, hand-brake handle and boot, door pulls, armrest, steering wheel, center console
Sound System: Clarion with flip-up touch screen, DVD, and iPod playback capability (among other things)