Data File: '05 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
Owned by: Jimmy Pezzulich, Port Orange, Florida
Modified by: Atomic Autosports, Port Orange, Florida

Modified production '05 Corvette convertible
Modifications: Z06 widebody conversion with OEM Z06 front bumper/carbon-fiber front fenders/rear spoiler, Caravaggio quarter-panels and Classic Design Concepts rear valance
Bodywork and paint preparation: Atomic Autosports
Paint: Black PPG Deltron 2000; Paint applied by: Atomic Autosports

Frame: Production '05 Corvette
Suspension: Pfadt coil-overs and Z06 sway bar, front and rear
Steering: Production '05 Corvette
Brakes: (Front) DBA discs with two-piece rotors and Hawk pads (Rear) DBA discs with one-piece rotors and Hawk pads
Wheels: CCW SP 16A, black with custom carbon-fiber finish on centers, 18x10 inches (front), 19x13 inches (rear)
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport, 265/35ZR18 (front), 345/30ZR19 (rear)

GM Powertrain overhead-valve V-8 (RPO LS2)
Built by: GM Powertrain Performance Build Center, Wixom, Michigan
Modifications: APS twin-turbocharger system (running up to 8 pounds of boost)Displacement: 364 ci (5.99L)
Ignition: Production GM coil-on-plug
Induction: APS dual intercoolers
Exhaust: Borla cat-back mufflers and exhaust pipes
Horsepower: 545 at 5,700 rpm
Torque: 538 lb-ft at 5,100 rpm

Production '05 Corvette automatic (RPO MX0) with paddle shift on steering wheel
Modifications: 3.15:1 rear gear ratio
Shifter: Production '05 Corvette

Modified production '05 Corvette interior
Modifications: Leather-wrapped door pulls, painted center console and speedometer bezel
Seats: OEM buckets
Upholstery: Black leather
Carpets: Black cut-pile with Lloyd mats
Instrumentation: OEM '05 Corvette with Auto Meter triple-gauge pod (fuel pressure, boost, and air/fuel ratio) on left A-pillar
Entertainment/navigation system: Eclipse 6600 DVD/navigation system with rear back-up camera
HVAC: OEM '05 Corvette