Does John have any advice for those looking to make an early-generation Vette into something more along the lines of what Messrs. Earl and Arkus-Duntov had in mind? "It's something that can be done. It's not that difficult to do, and when you're done, you have pride of ownership."

Data File ::: '54 Chevrolet Corvette roadster Owned by John Loeper, Ocean City, New Jersey

Modified original '54 Corvette body
MODIFICATIONS Fender flares, scoops, and induction hood by Legendary Corvette.
PAINT DuPont-blended Alpine White (with LeMans stripes in 1958-vintage Sea Mist Green) done in satin-finish basecoat/clearcoat; painting/paint prep by Perry-Egan Chevrolet, Ocean City, New Jersey
Modified production '54 Corvette frame
TECHNICAL ADVICE Paul Newman at Newman's Car Creations, Templeton, California
FRAME WELDING Winoc Welding, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey
SUSPENSION Based on '90 C4 Corvette design (Front) Bilstein shocks, Doug Rippie Motorsports hypercoil springs and Hoerring Racing dampers, and '90 Corvette anti-sway bar (Rear) Bilstein coilovers, Doug Rippie Motorsports Hypercoil springs and Hoerring Racing dampers, Vette Brakes & Products (VBP) Racing Smart Struts
SUSPENSION TUNING (To advance autocross specification used in Race America Series) Best Tire, Ocean City, New Jersey
STEERING '90 C4 Corvette rack-and-pinion with KRC power steering pump and BRT Racing fluid reservoir/cooler/filter
BRAKES GM C4 ZR-1 "Big Brake" four-wheel discs all around, non-power-assisted
WHEELS One-off billet Boyd's Wheels: front 17x8 inches, rear 17x9.5 inches
TIRES Goodyear Eagle GSC: front 245/40ZR17, rear 275/40ZR17
GM Performance Parts ZZ430 crate engine (No. 101 of 430 engines made)
MODIFICATIONS KRC front pulley assembly
DISPLACEMENT 350 cubic inches (5.7 L)
CYLINDER HEADS GMPP ZZ430 aluminum cylinder heads
IGNITION GMPP ZZ430 HEI electronic ignition
INDUCTION Holley 650-cfm carburetor on original ZZ430 aluminum intake, owner-fabricated carbon fiber airbox, Legendary Corvette hoodscoop, and K&N air filter
CAMSHAFT GMPP ZZ430 hydraulic roller
EXHAUST TPI 2½-inch diameter/36-inch long tube headers, Winoc Welding 3-inch crossover, Hooker 4-inch side pipes, and Power Effects scavengers
COOLING BeCool aluminum cross-flow radiator, Spal 16-inch pulling fan, Winoc Welding two-quart aluminum expansion tank, and XRP hoses/fittings.
HORSEPOWER 430 @ 5,800 rpm (advertised)
TORQUE 430 ft-lb @ 4,000 rpm (advertised)