The shark years ('68-'82) typified for many the finest in styling of all Corvettes. When hearing the word Corvette, swoopy lines and Coke-bottle shapes instantly come to mind. For many owners of shark-bodied Corvettes, another thing that comes to mind is heat. This is one of the most common complaints we hear about these cars. Although the air-conditioning system worked well for the technology of the day, dated technology, coupled with parts deteriorated with age, can make a shark's air conditioning seem almost non-existent. Seems that everyone, including us, is trying to find a way to bring their shark's climate-control system up to today's standards--but a workable, installable kit has eluded us all. Until now! There is an alternative to driving your shark only in the cooler spring and fall seasons.

You may have heard that before, maybe even from us, but Chris Petris of the Corvette Clinic told us that he's developed a system that will keep you cool in your Corvette for years to come. He has systems designed for '68-'73, '74-'77, and '78-'82 Corvettes. He also informed us that it takes more than simply installing a retrofit A/C kit with a different compressor to really make these systems cool like they should.

We'll be taking a two-part look at this topic, and what Chris does to drop the cockpit temperature of a shark Corvette.

These are some things to look for BEFORE you even start installing the first new part on your shark’s air conditioning. In the next installment we’ll be looking at the actual installation of the system, and we’ll also show you some little tricks to ensure that your A/C system works as well as it possibly can. Maybe, just maybe, it will work better than GM ever intended it to. If you take the time to address these concerns and remedy any problems you find, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how “cool” you can be in your shark.

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