You've paid for more alignments than you care to remember. Handling has become so unresponsive, you wouldn't even really call it "handling" anymore. When your shark is no longer the most agile fish in the sea, it's time to rebuild the suspension.

Our project car is undergoing restoration, so this is the perfect time to not only replace suspension parts, but to upgrade to urethane bushings, heavy-duty shocks, performance springs, and a beefier sway bar. This '68 is currently a gutless wonder, as its engine and driveline have been pulled for restification. It won't be gutless in any sense of the word when we're done, though.

These new suspension components from Mid America Designs should deliver a firm, streetable ride with little body roll and better cornering ability. When you've finished upgrading all the suspension components, be sure to have your shark professionally aligned. Now, let's get started--with the help of daddy's little helper, of course.

It's important that suspension components be "locked" in place by securing a cotter pin at many of the connection points. So, you'll find that many steps in this project include instructions for the cotter pin and bolt removal or installation. Don't forget that crucial part. Also, we're illustrating only one side for both disassembly and reassembly. Of course, you'll need to complete the other side as well.

To begin this project, be sure to secure your car on jackstands, then remove the wheels. Never attempt to work beneath a car supported by only a jack.

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