It's common knowledge in racing circles that you should make a car that stops fast before you make a car that runs fast. GM has known this for years, and the General has put a lot of effort into the stopping ability of the latest Corvettes. That doesn’t mean that the brakes on the C5 Corvette are the best that can be had, though. Vette Brakes & Products created a kit for the latest-style Corvette that will take the brake system in your Corvette to the next level in reliability and longevity.

While the calipers on C5s are very well designed, Vette Brakes put the emphasis on the rotors and brake pads for better performance when the anchor pedal is pushed hard. These brake upgrades are available in kit form, or you can buy them separately.

The rotors have been treated to a thermal process, which consists of heating and cooling them in a controlled procedure. This provides the rotors with better resistance to warping, and extends their life considerably. The kit comes complete with front and rear rotors, brake pads, hoses, and brake fluid. Installing the kit takes only a few more steps than a brake-pad replacement but the benefits, both short and long term, will make it worth the extra effort.

We asked Vern Carmack of the Chevy Service Center in Largo, Florida, to show us the proper way to install this brake upgrade kit. Follow along and see how easy it is to improve the braking of a C5 using this kit.

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