The new Corvettes are engineering masterpieces. Over time, America’s Favorite Sports Car has only improved, and expanded the boundaries of what we would expect from a car of this caliber. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Because Chevrolet has made such strides in performance and handling, we have a solid foundation that requires only tweaking to mold that performance to our personal tastes. Some possible modifications would be installing Vette Brakes & Products’ urethane bushings to achieve more precise handling, lowering the car for a better center of gravity and aesthetics, and upgrading the brakes to better withstand warping and fading.

We heard that Chris Petris from the Corvette Clinic was going to be doing these upgrades on a 2000 Corvette, so we invited ourselves along. Here we’ll show how to take your C5 to the next level of sure-footed performance.

See “Better Binders” in the July 2000 issue for a comprehensive brake removal/install. You’ll note that we did not swap out the sway bars or stiffen them up with new bushings. Because of the newness of the car, Chris suggested that the owner get used to the way the new suspension feels. Chris says you can get into trouble quickly because the suspension is not very forgiving anymore, and he believes you should take it in steps rather than make drastic changes. There is going to be a noticeable difference in the handling of the car. You’ve got to admit that the visual effect is greatly improved.

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