You are one of the blessed who can admit to ownership of the latest generation of Corvettes to have rolled out of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Whether it is your first or simply the most recent, there are differences from the earlier cars that can set fear and trepidation in the hearts of those who may want to do regular maintenance on their Corvettes. One such task that seems so simple but has enough “special procedures” to be intimidating is changing the oil in C5 Corvettes. The Corvettes that have rolled off the assembly line since the introduction of the ’97 model have used some technology that’s new to the Corvette. The gratuitous use of aluminum under the car and composite body panels that wrap under the perimeter of the vehicle will limit your options for lifting the car. Chris Petris of the Corvette Clinic took the time to show us his procedures for making this mandatory chore a success.

Now you know the proper procedures for changing the oil in your ’97 or newer Corvette. Since this issue focuses on women who own or drive Corvettes, this topic may even be useful to those women who want to change the oil in their own cars. But, ladies, if you’re reading this story and you notice your significant other peering over your shoulder in hopes of gleaning some information, try not to notice.