Brake-rotor runout is a major concern on mid-year Corvettes, and owners often simply remove the trailing arms and have them rebuilt, having new bushings and rotors installed at the same time. Purchasing the necessary tools can be another reason for not attempting this task. You’ll need a spindle-removal press, a spindle-bearing puller, a spindle bearing setup tool, and a rear-spindle installation tool. Total cost: about $500. While we were at the Corvette Clinic, Chris Petris showed us that you can change the rear bearings without removing the trailing arms, with the right tools. Follow along as we show you how.

Once you’ve installed a new set of rear wheel bearings, and if you purchased the required tools, you have a pretty well-equipped toolbox. You know what they say: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; give him a fishing pole and you’re supporting an addiction.” Such it is with Corvetting!

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