One of the best ways to get a great launch from your Corvette is to swap out the ring-and-pinion for a lower (higher numerical) gear. This is where sound reason and restraint can be very valuable. The thinking that “some is good, so more is better” can turn an enjoyable driver into a nightmare.

Our big-block-equipped shark is one such example. The 4.88 gears were insanely high for this driver. It had the launch of a lightning bolt, but the top speed of a golf cart—not good for upholding the Corvette heritage!

We joined forces with Corvette Central and Dewey’s Just Vettes in Longwood, Florida, to give this Corvette hope of seeing the speedometer accelerate faster than the tachometer. Follow along as we bring the speedometer to new heights by swapping in a set of 3.90 gears.

When the swap is complete, you can install the differential and fill the appropriate fluids to see what a difference a gear makes. It should become immediately obvious the first time you hit the interstate onramp.

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