When we first started on the ’85 Corvette, dubbed Project ’85, it was merely a shell of what it had once been. Parts were located in, on, or around the car awaiting the opportunity to be put to use. The downside is that the car had to be put together before we could enjoy it; but, in putting the car together, we could build it exactly the way we wanted it. That included upgrading to an LT1 with a supercharger. We made a few improvements while building the engine, which helps with engine longevity and also adds a few horsepower. Here’s what we did to make a driveable, supercharged LT1.

Note that there is no throttle body on this engine. We have a special installation we’ll be bringing to you in our next story: the engine and transmission, along with the supercharger. Stay tuned—this is where it starts to get fun.