Driving a straight-axle Corvette can be a real thrill. These cars are the earliest history of Corvettedom, but the price for being a historical figure is the procession of time. As time rolls on and technology increases, each “new thing” gently slides into antiquity. What that means to the early Corvette owner is that amenities like intermittent wipers are more than a decade into the future.

Enter Corvette Central. They carry two windshield-wiper kits that cover the entire spectrum of straight-axles. The upgrade kit is not a direct bolt-in application. It will require some planning for routing the wiper drive under the dash but, when it’s finished, you’ll have a reliable set of wipers with intermittent operation, and you will have rid yourself of the drive cables that can snap or lose tension.

Follow along as we upgrade the wipers in a ’58 driver Corvette.

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