Corvette Fever editor Ronnie Hartman has an ’84 Corvette. We have seen it a few times. When asked why she drives it so sparingly, she complained that the steering seemed “heavy” and “uncertain.” We were harping on her pretty hard at last year’s Corvettes at Carlisle about not driving the car, when Chris Petris of the Corvette Clinic overheard the conversation. He immediately jumped into the volley, saying, “There’s a cure for that!” He knew what we were referring to and mentioned that the ’84-’87 Corvettes can all exhibit the same symptoms.

Ronnie was relieved to find out it wasn’t just her imagination and that it could be fixed. In fact, it’s amazingly easy to cure this handling problem. Everything you need is already installed on your Corvette; you’ll just need to pay for a new alignment once the swap is complete. Here’s what it takes to calm the nerves on your early C4.

Corvette Clinic