Corvette owners have had a love-hate relationship with side pipes ever since their debut in 1965. Some love the look and sound they produce, giving small-blocks the authority of a big-block.

Who wouldn't love the look, either? They look so cool, especially on a Corvette. Yet others simply hate them because of the sound they make while riding in the car.

They think they're way too loud and they can't even hear themselves think. Few would say that side pipes make a Corvette sound horrible. The sound of side pipes is one of the sweetest automotive sounds going, period. (At least for the first hundred miles.--Ed.)

In our latest attempt to bring you the best technical information, we wanted to see and hear for ourselves whether side pipes are a worthy addition to your Corvette.

First, we’ll be installing a Hooker Headers side-mount exhaust system on our resident 1974 Stingray. A design feature we really liked was the four-in-one styling of the Hooker side-mounts.

You have a choice between black and chrome, and they're available for big-blocks as well. The chrome versions are roughly $1,300, and the black-finish side pipes run around $850. We again enlisted the services of Chris Petris at Corvette Clinic in Sanford, Florida.

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