You've polished and waxed and buffed--you could shave in the shine you've coaxed out of the paint. The interior has been lovingly detailed with Q-tips and miniature brushes. You're gonna wow 'em at the show.

As you're backing out of the driveway, the wife says, "Uh, oh." You hate when she says that. You get out of the car to see what's wrong. She points to the taillights. All your hard work only makes it more obvious. Those lenses are positively jaundiced. How did you miss that? And, what to do?

Our problem car was a 1979 shark, but this can happen to anybody. Trim Parts to the rescue! Give them a call and replace those yellowed or cracked taillight assemblies. (You’ll need a No. 15 Torx bit, too.) The results of this quick and easy project will make you smile, and cut down on the "uh, ohs."

Trim Parts