Hard to believe that the dashboards on the ’53-’57 Corvettes were the targets of some criticism when they were new. While you could debate the user-friendly nature of the gauge placement (especially when driving at speed), you can’t deny the classic styling that epitomizes the era. For the straight-axle Corvette lover, the lines and simplicity are representative of a time when style was not a slave to function and economical repetition during assembly. Even though we all appreciate the advancements in almost every aspect of the car since the straight-axle was first offered, who hasn’t lusted over the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one?

The styling cues are possibly dated by today’s standards, but Zip Products carries the parts you need to make the dash in your straight-axle look as good as new. Follow along as we give our ’57 Corvette’s dash a facelift.

Everything we did to our ’57’s dash was done either in the garage or inside on the dinner table. While we used a few tools you may not find in every garage (media-blaster, grinder/polisher), this task can be accomplished by the typical Corvette owner with moderate mechanical ability. Also, if dealing with disassembling the gauges makes you nervous, contact Zip Products. They provide that service so you don’t have to worry.

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