Anyone who owns a Corvette knows that parts break. But while metal andfiberglass are generally easy to mend, repairing plastic can cause a lotof pain. Plastic is often sun-baked to a brittle consistency, whichmakes it unworkable. Most of the time plastic parts are replaced, butthat doesn't have to be the case anymore.

Plastex has created a newplastic-repair kit that not only allows you to fix cracked and damagedparts, but also re-create parts with missing pieces. Our '86 Corvettehad a number of missing dashboard tabs that made reconnecting our newdashboard pad impossible. Enter Plastex.

The Master Tech Plastex kitincluded three different colors of plastic powder material (white,black, and clear), the trigger material, applicators, quick-releasepads, and even fiberglass fabric for repairs requiring structuralsupport. We used the quick-release pads and black powder to make itmatch the color of our dash.

For cracked areas, repairs can be made in amatter of minutes, with plastic hardening taking two to three minutes.Best of all, the new Plastex material is tougher than the surroundingplastic. We let the plastic set up overnight, trimmed it to the shape wewanted, and bolted the dashboard in place. Simple.

Johns Customz & Performance
Plastex Plastic Repair Kit