While it may not be apparent when you're enjoying driving your Corvette,the seat you're sitting in will wear out with time. Just like balljoints and tires, seats see a lot of wear and tear over the years andare one of the few parts that age even when the car is not in use.Especially on hot, sunny days (or frosty cold nights, for that matter),seat surfaces are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, which causes themto fade and crack. Seating surfaces often need to be replaced,especially the leather-clad seats in C3 ('68-'82) Corvettes.

Our '69Corvette convertible's seats were well worn like the rest of the car. Acall to Mid America Motorworks resulted in a new set of leather seatcovers. Mid America offers a complete line of interior parts for anyyear Corvette. With a factory on its property creating these slip-oncovers, it doesn't take much to install a set at home.

The procedureinvolves only a few tools and some patience working the cover intoplace. You'll spend more time repairing (or replacing) the original seatframe, especially if you've carried any heavier occupants in the recentpast.

We utilized the services of The Last Detail to install the covers.The results were a terrific pair of new seat covers that clearlycomplement the looks and seating comfort of the new interior.

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