Installation of the new master cylinder is the reverse of removal. Slide the new unit on the two studs and secure it with the two nuts and lock washers removed earlier, tightening them all the way. Next, the front and rear brake lines are attached to the new master cylinder.

This is also a good time to upgrade your brake fluid to Dot 4 or silicon brake fluid, which holds up better under high temperatures. Fill up the front and rear reservoirs with brake fluid and bleed the air out of the lines, top off the fluid level, and snap the cap back on the reservoir. That's all there is to it-the whole job should take well under an hour, even for a novice.

ANYONE'S PROJECT | no tools required N
BEGINNER | basic tools NN
EXPERIENCED | special tools NNN
ACCOMPLISHED | special tools and outside help NNNN
PROFESSIONALS ONLY | send this work out NNNNN