I, too, gave all of this some thought, and here is what I decided: the brain and the bulk of the excess wiring would be tucked away inside the center dash console; the display unit would reside under the flip-up cover in the console that houses the cigarette lighter and ashtray; the controller would mount just in front of the armrest next to the traction control; and the iPod itself would reside in the armrest console, out of sight and harm's way. Doing it this way provided a noninvasive installation, aside from a small hole I made next to the auxiliary 12V power socket in the armrest console to accommodate the iPod connection cable. But you can place these components anywhere you wish; whatever works for you is the way to go.

I also recommend purchasing the optional Harman/Kardon FM transmitter adapter. This is a direct-wired unit that really improves the FM transmission performance, and it's a simple plug-and-play unit, so it doesn't add any additional work to this installation. Please note that you don't need this adapter to install the Drive+Play since it has its own built-in FM transmitter, which works much the same way as the other devices I covered in the companion article in this issue on MP3 road music to go. The wired adapter, however, totally eliminates all the FM transmission problems you might experience going the wireless FM route, which is why I recommend going with the wired adapter.

One more thing: you're going to need an antenna adapter cable since the C5 stereo radio uses a mini-antenna jack and the Harman/Kardon unit uses a standard jack socket. These are available from the dealer you purchase the Drive+Play from or from your local NAPA auto supply or Radio Shack.

ANYONE'S PROJECT | no tools required N
BEGINNER | basic tools NN
EXPERIENCED | special tools NNN
ACCOMPLISHED | special tools and outside help NNNN
PROFESSIONALS ONLY | send this work out NNNNN

Philips screwdriver
No. 15 Torx driver
10mm and 7mm nut drivers or sockets/ratchet
Wire strippers

2-4 hours

So that's all there is to installing the Harman/Kardon Drive+Play in your C5. But these same installation steps would also apply to any year Corvette (except for the steps pertaining to the console removal, of course). So if you love your iPod and the tunes you have on it, there's no reason not to take them along for the ride. Enjoy!