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1 153 0412 Keisl SKeisler's Maximum Overdrive '65 Coupe
Part 1: Installing the GM 350 Ram Jet
Part 2: The Serpentine Solution
Part 3: Adding Fuel To The Fire
Part 4: Built to Drive

153 0408 Shark Logo2Project Shark Attack
Part 1: Gone Fishin for the Right Project Car
Part 2: We Have Our Orders
Part 3: The Wheels Are Coming Off
Part 4: Assembling the Rear Suspension
Part 5: Rebuilding the Front Suspension
Part 6: Putting the Suspension Parts Together
Part 7: L98 Decision: To Build Or Not To Build
Part 8: Shark Attack: L98 Engine Disassembly
Part 9: We assemble a new 383 for Project Shark Attack
Part 10: We install the 383/Keisler five-speed combo into Project Shark Attack
Project Shark Attack C3 Corvette Radiator Install
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