Last year, we ran an article on several projects for your Corvette that could be done easily over a weekend. Due to the popularity of that article, we have decided to add several more straightforward projects you can tack on to the original list. These projects will improve both the mechanical and appearance aspects of your Corvette. all the projects can be done with simple hand tools, and we have included a realistic timeframe to complete the project.

Spin City
A spin-on oil filter conversion makes your life easier.
Those old filter cans were really a pain. Especially when you take the time to remove the oil filter, clean the surface of the oil-filter pad, dig out that old O-ring, and carefully reposition the new O-ring on the can, only to pump out five quarts of new oil on your garage floor upon start up. It's time to add a little new technology to that filter.

Starting in the mid-'60s, Chevrolet changed over to the spin-on-type oil filter, replacing the original steel-can type. The filter sealed much better and eliminated the O-rings that were often a source of problems. A simple oil-filter adaptor was all that was required to make the change.

After removing the oil-filter can, use a ratchet and remove the center oil-filter by-pass valve. Following the instructions that come with the adaptor, install the by-pass valve and conversion adaptor for the spin-on-type filter, torqueing it to the recommended specs. Spin on a new filter after oiling up the new rubber filter-mating surface. Restart the engine and recheck your oil level after one minute of operation.

Parts List
Time *15 minutes

* Socket wrench to remove oil filter center hub* Wrenches to install new adaptor* New oil and spin-on oil filter

Light My Fire
A midyear taillight and bezel replacement package.Midyear Corvette taillight bezels are notorious for pitting over the years, and those originally-stunning red lenses can dull with age. Simple fix-change them out. The hardest part is getting to the pal-nuts that hold them to the body. Removing the spare tire carrier can be helpful, but no matter what you do, the lower rear valance will have to be removed. The procedure involves sliding your hand up under the body between the mufflers, unless your car has sidepipes. We're here to tell you, it requires some gymnastic effort to reach those hidden interior nuts. Your assembly manual will give you a great deal of information about the taillight bezel-attachment logistics. Armed with a lay of the land, this job is not all that hard.

Once the attachment nuts have been removed, it is a good idea to run a sharp razorblade around the perimeter of the bezel on the outside of the car to make certain that it is not stuck to the paint. Often bezels are installed while the paint is still tacky, and over the years, they can become attached. With this simple trick, you can avoid repainting when all you really want to do in take out those old bezels and install new ones.

Parts List
Time*1 to 2 hours

* Assorted nut drivers or ratchets* Assembly manual for your car* Razorblade