Shocking News
A front-shock upgrade for your Corvette.Dead shocks not only make your Corvette ride poorly, they can be dangerous. In terms of danger, the only scary part about changing them is getting your car safely off the ground so you can work on it. With shock removal, however, you need to have enough clearance so the shock can exit the bottom of the car. Figuring that most shocks are slightly less than two feet long, the vehicle must be fairly high as well.

After removing the lower shock-mounting bolt, remove the two bolts that hold the upper shock-mount plate in place. Removing the old shock is literally impossible as long as the tie-rod is still attached to the A-arm. Tap the side of the A-arm with a mallet until the tie-rod end pops out. You can also use a pickle fork for removal, but make sure you don't damage the rubber boot or you'll be purchasing a new one. If you have an air wrench for this process, you're a lucky Corvette owner.

Remove the mounting plate from the old shock, and install it on the new Bilstein unit. Slide the shock in place, and secure the mounting plate with the two bolts removed earlier. Next, reattach the tie-rod to the A-arm, and use the impact wrench to tighten the securing bolt. Insert the lower shock-retaining bolt, and tighten the nut using the impact wrench. One more time on the other side, and you're done.

Parts List
Time*1 to 3 hours

* Assorted sockets and ratchets and combination wrenches* Pickle fork* Five-pound sledgehammer* Blocks of 4x4-inch lumber* Floor jack* Equipment to safely raise and hold car 2 feet above ground