Due to this new alliance, all these performance upgrades are available with Next Level Performance tuning and expertise, as well as Next Level Performance's extensive LSx engine-based experience over the past seven years with different naturally aspirated and forced induction packages. As you can see, Next Level Performance is just the place we need to upgrade Project C5X.

We ran two baseline runs for Project C5X. The first run netted a maximum power level of 294.8 hp with maximum torque of 300.9. We let the car cool down a little and then ran another pull. The second run netted a max power level of 295.0 hp with a maximum torque rating of 306.3. The car in its original configuration performed solid for its age and mileage. Now we will start adding some power adders, with a new intake and a high-flow exhaust on the short list, which will be covered the next time.

Stay tuned for more action with Project C5X in the coming months. It is going to get wild rather quickly!

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