We’d seen the Kwiklift display at several shows and were surprised to see how simple and yet effective these little lifts can be. There are no seals or cables to go bad on this lift, and you don’t have to run electric cords to power any motors. Granted, other lifts allow you to stand under the car and offer more room, but if you can’t afford a taller lift or the height of your garage prevents you from using one, this is the lift for you.

The Kwiklift will raise the car so that the chassis is approximately 30 inches above the garage floor—plenty of room to get under your Corvette to change the oil, detail the chassis, or whatever you need to do. We slid the lift tube out of our Kwiklift, and found that it fits nicely up against the wall in our shop, but you could leave the lift assembled and simply park on it or pull the front legs, drop the ramps, and drive onto them. The convenience and value of this lift make a good case for having one in every garage, but we’ll let you decide whether or not you care to eat chicken.

Special thanks to Scott Hallett for assisting with this story.

Kwiklift Inc.
610 N. Walnut
Broken Arrow
OK  74012