The engineers of the current Corvette faced an incredible challenge when they decided to integrate all of their electronic wizardry into one vehicle. With all of that electronic potential, problems are inevitable. At the dawn of the electronics age, no one short of a black-belt technician with thick-rimmed glasses and a pocket protector would dare try to define where the problem was located. As time progressed and more and more people understood the part that electronics play in keeping the Corvette fast and clean, the fear of codes and electronics gradually diminished, and for the owner of C5 Corvettes, the information has actually become easier to access.

We cannot take the space in this story to list all possible codes and their cures—there are 975 pages of codes and cures for just the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) in the C5 Corvette shop manual! But, with the help of Chris Petris of the Corvette Clinic, we’ll take a look at how the owner can use the tools already available to understand these systems, and even become an asset to the technician if one is ever needed.

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