Victor E
The Victor E is another single-plane manifold, similar to the Victor Jr., but having a larger, deeper plenum, providing more volume and more generous runner dimensions. These attributes lend themselves to operation at higher rpm in applications such as drag racing, while our engine combination was strictly hot-street. The Victor E retains the manifold height dimension of the Victor Jr.

We were curious to see how the larger-volume intake would affect the output of our 355-cube test engine. The consensus at the dyno facility was that the Victor Jr. was more appropriately sized, and the best choice in a single-plane intake. We were surprised to find a nearly identical power curve to the previously tested manifold.

The Intake Victor E
RPM Range 4,500-8,500
Avg. Torque 400 lb-ft
Avg. HP 362
Peak Torque 422 lb-ft @ 4,900 rpm
Peak HP 464 HP @ 6,500 rpm

Super Victor
The Super Victor is a true race intake manifold, designed for high-rpm output in racing applications. This manifold is substantially taller than the other single-planes tested, providing for a more advantageous approach to the cylinder-head ports. The Super Victor is large, not only in terms of height, but also in runner cross-sectional area and plenum volume.

Again, this manifold wouldn't represent an obvious choice for an engine configuration as tested, but we deemed it worthy of the experiment. The Super Victor provided an unexpected improvement in average torque as compared to the other single-plane intakes, and tied the Victor Jr. for top output honors, edging out the Victor E by a mere 1 hp.

The Intake Super Victor
RPM Range 3,500-8,000
Avg. Torque 403 lb-ft
Avg. HP 365
Peak Torque 426 lb-ft @ 4,800 rpm
Peak HP 465 hp @ 6,300 rpm

Victor Jr.
The Victor Jr. was the first of our single-plane entries. Long regarded as the single-plane intake of choice for a variety of race and hot-street applications, the Victor Jr. is quite a versatile manifold. With a moderate runner and plenum volume, the Jr. is responsive, while providing power comparable to more race-orientated intakes in street/strip or moderate race use.

True to form, the Victor Jr. made more outright horsepower than the dual-plane intakes; but as compared to the AirGap, not by a large margin on our test engine. Closer scrutiny, however, shows that the averages were down in comparison to the dual-plane intakes. In a racier engine combination at much higher rpm, the single-plane would likely be more in its element; but even in the range of our test, the enhanced power production up top was clearly shown.

The Intake Victor Jr.
RPM Range 3,500-8,000
Avg. Torque 400 lb-ft
Avg. HP 362
Peak Torque 421 lb-ft @ 4,800 rpm
Peak HP 465 hp @ 6,400 rpm
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