'63-'64 Corvette Dana Posi-traction Units
The '63-'64 Corvette used a Dana Posi-traction unit in the new IRS rear axle. Although the unit was prone to breakage and most have been replaced with later-model Eaton units, the usage of the units necessitates their inclusion here.

Posi-traction Casting Numbers
Axle Casting No. Series Gearing
Corvette '63-'64 C-32324 3 3.08 to 3.70:1
C-32459 4 4.11:1
'64 Corvette Rear Axle Codes
SeriesSource Ratio Description Code
837/867 3.36:1 Manual or Powerglide CA W
3.36:1 Posi Manual or Powerglide CB W
3.55:1 Posi 4-speed CC W
3.70:1 Posi 4-speed CD W
4.11:1 Posi 4-speed CE W
4.56:1 Posi 4-speed CF W
3.08:1 Posi 4-speed CJ W
3.70:1 4-speed Close Ratio CX W
3.08:1 4-speed Wide Ratio CZ W

Special Note: This Corvette came from the factory originally with a 327/300hp engine, so that's been used for this edition of "Corvette By The Numbers."

From Corvette By The Numbers by Alan Colvin, published in 2002, used with permission of Robert Bently Publishers.