Additional options include 1-inch diameter sway bars front-and-rear, 11-inch Camaro or 12-inch Impala/Caprice disc brakes (spindle, rotor and caliper) with the same front ball joints. Jim Meyer Racing also offers an optional dual-chamber master-cylinder kit with proportioning valve, plug and "T" to splice into your stock brake-line system or Jim can plumb your new chassis with stainless steel lines. He also offers a custom power-brake unit with a 7-inch-diameter booster that fits in the stock firewall location without modifications.

The biggest single improvement you could make to your '53-'62 Corvette is installing the bolt-in IFS, which installs with basic hand tools (at home), using the same original factory holes. Complete installation of any of the Jim Meyer Racing products mentioned in this story, including the chassis, is available at Jim's shop in Lincoln City, Oregon.

The customers that have had either a new chassis or a bolt-in IFS installed in their first-gen Corvette will talk your leg off about how well their old Corvette now handles, stops, and steers over the old Chevy front suspension and brakes. Jim says, "Go to the web site and download the '53-62 Corvette IFS instructions and see if this is something you could install at home." You can call them direct or download a catalog or any installation instructions at no charge by visiting,

ANYONE'S PROJECT | no tools required N
BEGINNER | basic tools NN
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ACCOMPLISHED | special tools and outside help NNNN
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