Emergency Kits
You can kill a few birds with one stone by purchasing a roadside emergency kit offered by several vendors. These kits vary by price and vendor, but they all carry a lot of the essential gear (some more than others) that you may need if and when a roadside emergency presents itself. They come in easy-to-stow bags or cases, which make them easy to travel with; these kits are definitely something to consider.

Tools Are Cool
You don't have to be a dyed-in-the-wool "wrench" to be able to tighten up a loose nut or clamp, or wrap some duct tape around a hose that suddenly springs a leak, but you're going to need some tools to do even these simple emergency repairs. To that end, it's good to have these basic items on board.

* Screwdrivers (flat blade & Phillips)
* Pliers (slip-joint and vice-grip)
* Socket set (SAE or metric, depending on car year)
* Wrench set (SAE or metric, depending on car year)
* Duct tape
* Utility knife
* Motor oil
* Octane booster (if required)
* Fuel container
* Jack
* Lug wrench
* Jumper cables
* Gloves
* Shop rags
* Mat
* Hand cleaner

Advanced Complement
Here's some additional gear you might be glad to have available, depending on the nature of your emergency and how prepared you want to be to feel comfortable while traveling.

* Bottled water
* Jump box
* Air compressor
* Bungee cords
* Tow rope
* Reflectors
* Rain poncho
* Tire gauge
* Wheel chocks
* Folding chair(s)

This is all good stuff to consider carrying along in your Corvette when you'll be traveling any great distance. After all, if you knew there was a problem with the vehicle to begin with, you'd have it fixed before you left, right? But that's the point, unless you have a crystal ball and some psychic powers, one never knows. So travel prepared and travel safe. See you on the road and, hopefully, not on the side of it.