Project 5
Voltage Regulator Replacement
Applicable Years:
C2, early C3
Skill Level: 1 Wrench
Tools Required: Ratchet and sockets or nut drivers
Time Required: 1/2-hour
Parts Source: Corvette Central

Always use a cushioned fender apron when working under the hood of your Corvette to protect against scratches from belt buckles. The replacement voltage regulator is resting on the apron above the old one it will be replacing. The year 1968 was the last year the Corvette was equipped with an external discrete voltage regulator; GM switched to integrated units with the '69 model year.>

Replacing the voltage regulator is a very simple procedure on midyears and the '68 shark. (Starting with the '69 Corvette, GM switched to an internal voltage regulator that was integrated with the alternator).

As always, whenever you're working on anything that has to do with the electrical system in your Corvette, be sure to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery before you do anything else. This will not only prevent you from getting a nasty shock, it will also prevent any damage to the electrical components as you work with them.

When all of those tasks are done, you can remove the old regulator and install the new one by reversing all the steps.