While the stock C6 shifter is functional, it's not what you could call stellar when it comes to being a real performance shifter. The best aftermarket shifter I've come across for manual-transmission C6s is the one made by MGW Ltd., and it's a real precision piece of equipment (the company's excellent C5 performance shifter is similar in design and function, too). Installation isn't difficult and, even if you've never done this type of work before, you should be able to complete the whole project in less than two hours.

ANYONE'S PROJECT | no tools required N
BEGINNER | basic tools NN
EXPERIENCED | special tools NNN
ACCOMPLISHED | special tools and outside help NNNN
PROFESSIONALS ONLY | send this work out NNNNN

Tools Required
Small flat-blade screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
No. 15 Torx driver
Razor Blade
7mm and 10mm nut drivers or sockets/ratchet
Shop Rag
Loc Tite Red thread locker (optional)
Time required: 1 1/2-2 hours