The combustion chamber in these heads is fully CNC machined. On the exhaust side, Pete hand ported and polished the short side radius and intake runner entry to enhance flow through the intake without enlarging the port volume. On the intake side, the port receives minor work on the short side radius and floor with enough material removed to eliminate the casting lines.

The World Warhawk LS1X heads are set up for 2.08/1.60 valves and in this install, Manley Performance valves are used. A Comp Cams LS1Dual Valve Spring Kit with titanium retainers and their machined steel valve locks were also used. We also used Comp Cams Hi-Tech pushrods and we decided to give their killer Ultra-Gold CNC-aluminum 1.72 Ratio GEN III Rocker Arms a ride for this build.

Along with our custom Comp Cams camshaft, we also decided to use Comp Cams GEN III High Energy OE -Style Hydraulic Roller lifters. We also tapped Comp for one of their GEN III Adjustable Timing Gear Sets that features a pre-stretched heat-treated double roller chain and has a 3-keyway crank sprocket for an additional 4-degree incremental adjustability. Comp also sent us their GEN III Crankshaft Socket, Degree Wheel, Cam Degree Tool and TDC Stop to use during the build. These tools are invaluable when building an engine of this caliber. Dimmit Chevrolet of Clearwater, Florida, also provided all of the bolts, gaskets and even a GM PF46 Oil Filter needed for the rebuild. We will get into the rebuild next month, but for now let's check out some of the parts we just mentioned.

Difficulty Index - 5 Wrenches
Anyone's Project: no tools required1 Wrench
Beginner: basic tools2 Wrenches
Experienced: special tools3 Wrenches
Accomplished: special tools and outside help4 Wrenches
Professionals Only: send this work out5 Wrenches
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