Rob's friend "Dr. Harry" Marcy accepted the assignment to install the new covers. Dr. Harry is a dentist with thousands of fillings and root canals (sorry...) to his credit, so he has the skilled hands needed to handle this upholstery job. Having done seat covers on his own '66 Vette, as well as many other sports cars including his Firebird and a friend's Jaguar, Dr. Harry has learned the gentle art of using a hair dryer to help smooth out wrinkles that may appear in the vinyl.

The "new" 30 year-old door panels were in surprisingly good shape, but had never been on the receiving end of new metal insert panels. Corvette Central supplied a beautiful set of ready-to-install panels.

The panels were pre-punched so it was a simple job to crimp on the new metal panels, then install the finish trim by simply bending over the retaining tangs. Quality reproduction door panels come "pre-perforated" with knock-outs for power or manual windows.

We also installed new door panel reflectors from Corvette Central through the knock-outs provided. New small chrome bits help provide a finishing touch that makes a job like this look, and stay looking, fresh.

Here you can see clearly the process for installing the panels and finishing trim. The panels are precurved and notched so that the finished product looks exactly "factory."

The completed door panel makes a huge difference in the appearance of the interior, and is a job easily performed by a do-it-yourselfer. While installation of new seat covers calls for a deft touch and some experience, door panel renewal is a straightforward task, and a perfect Saturday afternoon job.