Show restorations receive a new odometer so that the numerals will be crisp and clear, not faded and discolored like most originals.

Vanessa Tilles carefully re-screens faces with the help of an industrial magnifying glass. It's this kind of old-world craftsmanship (craftswomanship?) that produces show-winning results.

Karl Burl installs the refinished face onto the reconditioned speed-ometer/ odometer mechanism.

Brian Tilles uses a special fixture to calibrate every speedometer and odometer repaired by Corvette Specialties. This step assures accuracy, and also serves as a quality control check for all the work that has gone into the restored unit.

Final assembly includes installation of a new lens into the newly-rechromed bezel/housing. This step assures that the overhauled speedometer will look as good as it works.

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